Keeping it 100 for Mother’s Day


Do you know what mom really wants for Mother’s Day? Oh, flowers and a card are nice. A phone call is always appreciated. But let me tell you, after being a mother for over 15 years, it’s time to review what really works, and what does NOT!

  • Breakfast in bed: This only works if you can cook! If you don’t know how to make toast without burning it, forget it! Get into your car, and go someplace where people know how to cook. Then bring the food home and put it on a plate and act like you cooked it yourself. You’d be surprised how often moms will do this.
  • Flowers are pretty, but you know what is an even more beautiful sight? When the laundry is done and put away BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN MOM!
  • Bath products are great, but remember…if you give these products to mom than she needs time to use them. In other words, give her more than 3 minutes in the bathroom without an interruption. 30-35 minutes would be ideal.
  • Or you can always order some mommy juice from this company that got it right. 🙂Mommys Time Out Mothers Day Wine Bottle Labels Alt 3

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