Mustard Day


Would you believe the first Saturday in August in National Mustard Day? Yep, that’s a thing. And you can go to Wisconsin and celebrate the day at the National Mustard Museum where you’ll find over 5,ooo different kinds of mustard. Who knew?


Certainly puts to shame the little mustard display at my grocery store.


That got me thinking, I really do like mustard. Especially on a dog.


Uh, no, this dog…


And mustard is even mentioned in the Bible.



What I didn’t know is how beautiful it looks growing in the fields. Check out this photo.


Yep, according to iStock, that’s a mustard field. And just try searching recipes that have mustard in them. There’s a ton!

So I challenge you this weekend to try something new. A new recipe, or even a different type of mustard. It truly is more than just a condiment for hot dogs.

And Happy Mustard Day!