Pokémon Game Changer


So I’m driving along and see a kid walking down the street staring at his phone and think nothing of it. People are always staring at their phones. But then my daughter says, “I’ll bet he’s playing Pokémon Go.”

Pokémon? Wasn’t that a 90’s thing? Well, this isn’t your mother’s Pokémon (I would say to my daughter.) This Pokémon game has cracked the code into augmented reality, more or less. This app integrates the Pokémon into the real world of the user. You can literally find these characters anywhere.



And it’s created quite a stir due to it’s popularity and how much money it has generated.



But not everyone is cashing in, and many articles have been written about that as well.


There’s also concern about safety given how hyper-focused people can be when using this app to try and catch the characters. For example…


Yep, I think we can guess why this person got pulled over.

There’s also been pleas from places like Arlington Cemetery and The Holocaust museum asking people not to try catch characters in these spaces. Sounds like the Pokémon need to learn some boundaries.

Anyhow, at the end of the day, this blog is about fun, and this app is fun. Just please be careful and considerate of those around you. Now I’m going upstairs to ask my daughter how to work this thing! 🙂

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