The Do’s and Donuts of a 5K Run


Do you run to stay fit? How about walking? How about running and walking while eating a donut? If feeding your lactic acid build up with sugar-coated fried dough is how you roll, then The Donut Run is for you.

My husband and I are not runners and have only walked/ran in one or two 5K races. So when he initiated interest in participating in an upcoming 5K, I was puzzled. The last bit of walking we did together was on a farm picking blueberries. Hardly the level of intensity required to finish a 5K. Once he told me donuts were involved, then it all made sense.

Yep, volunteers at The Great Donut Run pass out donut holes at the half way point of the run, then everyone gets a medal and a full size Krispy Kreme glazed donut after they finish the race. Bleh! Donuts make me nauseous, and the thought of eating one after an exhausting 3.1 miles of run/walking in 80 degree heat was not the proper incentive I needed to participate in this thing. But it was more than enough to encourage my husband’s will to walk/run in the heat. And for my daughter who’s on the cross country team at school, this was merely a practice run.



Now don’t let this photo of a smiling, relaxed and composed family fool you. In less than an hour, we were hot, sweaty, exhausted and wishing we could use those inflated donuts as flotation devices in a swimming pool! But at least we did it, and received these fun medals.


And my husband got his donut. I just drank water. After all, why would I want to immediately put back all of those calories I just burned off. Of course that didn’t stop me from walking over to the Nothing Bundt Cake booth, and taking this coupon for a free bundt cake! Love their lemon cake!


So at the end of it all, here’s what I learned:

  • 8am is too late to start a 5K when the high is over 80 degrees.
  • Never try to keep pace with a 15 year old who’s on the cross country team.
  • During and at the end of the race, say ‘no’ to all things that aren’t water.
  • No matter what the insensitive is that your loved needs to participate in a 5K, do it! Do it at your own pace. Do it knowing that this is family time you’ll never get back once it’s gone. And have fun!