When the National Anthem is the best part of a baseball game


I’ve never been a fan of the slow pace of baseball. Which is why I haven’t been to a game since… uh, I don’t even remember. However, my husband will pretty much watch anything that involves a ball moving somewhere. At the last game we attended together, he sat there taking it all in while I was next to him reading a magazine. Yes, that really happened. And I have to say, I didn’t miss much.

So what possessed me to attend an Angels game last Saturday instead of staying home and washing my hair?


The great team players? The excitement of the game? No. Our daughter was singing the National Anthem! Well, to be more specific, she and about 300 other teenagers from different schools were singing it. But what a thrill all the same!

Once I found where we were sitting, I had to go full tilt Beverly Goldberg and figure out how I was going to see her from high up in our view level seats. I love how they’re called ‘view’, as if getting a nosebleed seeing the view of half of Southern California is what you want when you go to a game.

Since our daughter had to be at the stadium 2 HOURS (!) before the game started, my husband and I decided to kill some time walking around the stadium. We came across this restaurant that was pretty empty. The gentleman at the door asked if we were going in, and my husband said we didn’t purchase the ticket, assuming we needed a special ticket to get in. The man said we didn’t, and long story short, we ended up sitting outside, with a perfect view of watching our girl walk out onto the field.


She’s shy and wouldn’t appreciate me calling her out (too blurry anyway), but she’s there and even waved to us while walking by! Beverly Goldberg would be so proud.

Since the Angels were playing Toronto, there was a woman on the field who sang their lovely anthem first. And then the teens took over, singing our anthem with a beautiful chorus of voices that filled the stadium. What a thrill!


Afterwards, our daughter met us at the restaurant and immediately started complaining (as teenagers do) about not being in the nose bleed seats. Seriously girl? You’d rather sit in the cramped stadium seats instead relaxing in a restaurant and eating this delicious pretzel with mustard and pimento cheese?


She said it wasn’t the same ‘experience’. So after eating a hot dog and fries, her father proudly took her to the seats and left me with the bill. Which was fine, I was perfectly comfortable ordering another drink and then joining them at the end of the 7th inning. Trust me when I say, they hardly noticed I was gone.

At the end of the game that night, most Angels fans would say the grand slam from Simmons and the Angels winning was the best part of the night. And yea, that was cool. But for me, there is nothing better than watching my daughter shine. Even if she did have to share that moment with 300 others.