Celebrating Family and Tradition


For some reason, I’m feeling extra sentimental this Easter/Passover season. My typical M.O. would be to post some goofy random story, like this rabbi saying marijuana is kosher for passover.  Oy! That ought to be some seder!

As for my family, my father identified as Jewish, while my mother was raised Baptist, so we didn’t participate in the religious aspects of either faith, remaining religiously ‘nuetral’. However, food was always front and center of combining my parents different upbringings. It would not be at all unusual in our house to have pastrami with pecan pie for dessert. Or pork chops with a side

of kugel. Definitely not kosher! This is how we got to be such big fans of Katella Deli.


It truly is a place where jews and gentiles can find a seat at the table. Katella Deli gets it’s Jewish deli authenticity from it’s original owners Sam and Shirley Ratman, who survived the holocaust and immigrated to America to begin a new life together. Since both of them have passed away, their son Allan is now the owner, and continues to make the traditional favorites that I crave. I was especially craving their matzo ball soup when I was pregnant! Funny my daughter still hasn’t acquired a taste for it.

Every once in a while, I will still get my cravings and need a ‘fix’, so this past Sunday, my husband and I went there to enjoy some bagel with smoked salmon and a monte cristo.

This is also the time of year when they promote their Passover dinner.


No ham or pork roast here! But, fear not gentiles. There’s still plenty of Easter celebrating in the bakery.

I confess, I probably enjoy the bakery more than the restaurant. Their chocolate eclairs and chocolate cover macaroons are the best! And when you go in the morning while the bread and bagels are coming out of the oven…I’m convinced heaven must have a similar smell.

Now that I got my ‘fix’, I can move on to my family Easter traditions of decorating, buying candy, egg dying and going to church. However you choose to celebrate this holiday weekend, have fun! And if you have ever visited Katella Deli, leave a comment. I’d love to hear your story.