Strawberry Farms Forever


Let me take you down, cause I’m going through a bit of childhood nostalgia.

In Southern California, one of the first signs of spring was when the strawberry stands would start popping up around our neighborhoods, selling the sweetest, juiciest strawberries you ever tasted! Well, as developers bought up that farm land, there were fewer and fewer stands around town. So it was a real treat to go visit Tanaka Farms for some strawberry picking, meaning we could choose our own strawberries and taste test them along the way!


The morning began with checking in, paying our $18 and receiving a plastic clam shell container to hold the berries. Then we boarded the tractor pulled wagons…


…and toured around the farm sampling various vegetables like carrots and baby bok choy, as well as their fruity sugar snap peas. Yes, peas are a fruit.

Then we arrived at the main event, the strawberry field. Since there were many small children with us, the tour guide gave us the breakdown on what we were suppose to pick. Only red strawberries. Yes, that needs to be said when traveling with preschoolers. “The redder the better!”

They’ve got a pretty interesting set up for how the strawberries grow.


They’re in plastic tubes raised above the ground so the berries dangle over the side, and don’t prematurely rot from touching the moist soil. This also makes it easier for my old a$$ to pick them, so thank you!


My overstuffed clam shell container that I was told had to close shut. What else could I do but eat the extras!

Once we collected our bounty, we rode back to the produce stand to buy some more farm fresh goodies to take home. This whole thing sounds very basic, but like I said, for me it’s a memory from my childhood that spring has arrived, and also these are really tasty! Especially when dipped in chocolate!

If you would like to find a place near you to pick some farm fresh treats, you can start here, or do your own search specifying what city you live in. Or feel free to share in the comment section where your favorite farm is in your area. And have fun!