Splish, Splash, Rainy Day Dash


I live in Southern California, so any little bit of rain becomes headline news. Along with the mocking headlines like this one, which of course came from NORTHERN California.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 4.11.29 PM.png

Notice how I chose to be petty by not making a hyperlink to their site? For a more scientific approach to understanding how the recent wet weather has affected California’s drought conditions, I give you this link.

Say what you want, but this last storm was legit. Mud slides, flooded streets, freeway

closures and fallen trees blocking roadways, collapsing on cars and one even fell into an apartment window!

But despite the perils of mother nature, my husband and I had a job to do. Our daughter had plans to go out to dinner with friends for her birthday, and we were determined to make it happen no matter what the weather doused upon us. And actually, it was fun! Listening to girls laughing in the parking lot as we did our rainy day dash to and from the restaurant reminded me of a time when I was excited to be out the rain. It was an adventure!

Alright, so this wasn’t the magical Prince Super Bowl Purple Rain,


The Legend


but it was still fun. We had a delicious dinner, dodged some road debris, and safely arrived back home. Now I have time to take in the rain refreshed botanical beauty around our home.


It’s also a treat to find a double rainbow.



But the best thing in Southern California is how crisp and clean the air is after the rain is over. Not to mention the beautiful views of the snow capped mountains.



We are now getting close to the end of our stormy season. And in a way, I’m sorry to see it go. But this is what I signed up for living here, so I’ll just have to suffer with the relentless sunshine and warm weather. Sometimes it gets kinda boring, but I’m not complaining. We have plenty of extended family living in Minnesota and North Carolina to remind us how lucky we are to live out here. And I have to say, “I agree.”