Cupid’s an Introvert


If making reservations three weeks in advance, paying extra high prices for a prix fixe meal for two, and going back home feeling bloated for what should be a romantic evening is NOT your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day, relax. Apparently that’s also true for millions of others who don’t want to deal with this romantic rat race. So introverts rejoice!

According to this Fortune article, dining out has been on the decline while in-store take-out of prepared foods from grocers has grown nearly 30% since 2008.

Also trending are the food delivery services that bring to your doorstep all of the ingredients you need to make the enclosed recipe. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Marley Spoon are just some of the companies providing this delivery service.




Does this woman ever sleep?


As for me, I don’t need a fancy meal. I’m all about the sweets, as I stated in a previous blog. Of course, if jerky is more your thing, there’s this option.



Then again, if Valentine’s Day is not your favorite holiday because you haven’t found someone special to celebrate it with, you can always invite your single friends over to take a crack at this sorrow soaking nipyata.


Yep, that’s a piñata filled with booze!


However you choose to celebrate this holiday remember to make it your own, and also remember…candy is half price the next day! Happy Valentine’s Day!