Mental Fitness


This new year began with many resolving to work on their physical fitness (my flabby self included), but what are we doing about our mental fitness? It’s no secret that as we age, our minds become more forgetful and not as sharp and…uh, what was I writing about? Oh yeah…

We need to keep our minds sharp in this ever evolving, technology driven age we are currently living in. So I dug around a bit to find some handy apps that could possibly improve my brain function. Figured it’s more productive that being on social media. And less exhausting, depending on what your friends are ranting about.

One brain bending app that my family got into years ago was The Moron Test. Seriously, it will make you feel like a moron when you get the answers wrong, but that’s all part of the fun! (Especially when challenging members of your family.)

The tests take you through of series of instructions to follow that seem pretty basic. And they are, which is why you feel like a moron for failing one of those tests. And ‘fail’ is exactly what the app will tell you, along with the patronizing, ‘Don’t do that again.’

For an app that digs a little deeper into the different brain functions, I downloaded the highly publicized Lumosity. They got into a bit of a legal tangle with some of their claims about the benefits of their brain training app, but that hasn’t stopped millions of users from enjoying it.

It begins with a few tests to assess your skill level. Here are screen shots of the color match test, where the player has to match the name of the word to the color of the word. Trickier than it sounds.

Once the player has completed the test, a score is given based on the age of the player. I’m guessing I would have scored lower with younger players, but then again, I’m not in this to prove anything. This app will also let you choose a training path, and of course there is a ‘full access’ option for $11.99 per month, $44.99 per year and $149.99 for a lifetime membership.

Another mentally challenging app is Fit Brains. This one begins with what they call a ‘Brain training calibration’ to assess a baseline for the test you’ll be taking.

Then you’ll do tests like this memory test where the objective is to remember where the matching pairs are located, and then at the end you test, there will be a chart showing how your score ranked compared to the other players.

This isn’t ranking based on age, which is probably why I scored lower now that I’m in the same pool as people half my age (or less!) The old grey matter just ain’t what is used to be. This Fit Brains may be giving me brain fits, but the tests are still fun.

Then up comes the 24 hour, 20% discount off the upgrade. Which I have to say I’ve seen pop up more than once, so I’m not sure the 24 hour deadline thing is legit. I also didn’t bother finding out how much the upgrade is since I’m happy with the free tests. Why pay more just to torture myself with harder games?

If you want more info on these and other brain busters, you can go to sites like to get more info and reviews of the best brain game apps. Techlicious ranked Elevate, Lumosity and Peak as their favorites. But of course everyone has different opinions, so seek out the one that gives your brain the best workout.

Here’s to a mentally and physically fit 2017!