The Year of ACTION!


Welcome to 2017! If you haven’t made any resolutions, I’m right there with you. Instead, let’s make this the Year of Action! By that I mean let’s make a list of some action items for this year that will take us out of our comfort zones.

For example, going to more social functions and engaging in more networking is definitely outside my comfort zone.


But it needs to be done if I’m going to obtain my personal goals of taking this blog to the next level. Joining Toastmasters International last year was a great step in that direction, now I just need to keep it up! So what can you do to push your envelope and try something that will promote your own personal growth?

I will also commit to cutting back on the amount of time I spend on social media to no more than an hour a day. That extra time will be spent focusing on my nutrition, praying and getting in touch with my inner Pioneer Woman to do more cooking from scratch. She makes is look so easy. #tvmagic

pioneerwoman©Food Network

Which brings to me to the never ending process of saving money. Cooking at home does save money, and saving more is a goal I want to achieve every year. Especially after all the expenses we had last year! Between the dog needing allergy testing and shots, buying new appliances for the kitchen, new tires for the car, and other random things, 2016 was an expensive year.


Whoops, I forgot about her sensitive hearing!


And don’t forget to put fun on the list! I’ve planned a trip to Catalina for my upcoming birthday, and I’ve also made a list of restaurants I want to try this year, including a ramen noodle place by my house. And more nights out with the girls would definitely be a good thing.

So make that action list and do whatever it takes to make 2017 awesome! Seriously.