Laughing All The Way…


‘Tis the season to celebrate, shop, eat too much and have fun in what can be a very stressful time of year. So let’s take a minute to review how we can put the ‘Ho, ho, ho’ into this holiday season.

Let’s start with gifts. Giving can be a real joy, especially when you see the recipient smiling and truly enjoying it. I found this fun nail kit from Planet Beauty for…uh…well, I won’t say who cause she may read this, but anyhow, I got it! And look how fun it is, truly her personality.


Remember to have a sense of fun with your gifts, or look to Pinterest and other crafty sites for fun ways to wrap your gifts.

And for the Christmas dinner table, I got Christmas crackers from World Market that have a game inside of them. A wind up penguin race!


Now don’t tell me you don’t smile when you get a wind up toy. They are just too silly and fun! Remember, adults are nothing more than grown up children who sometimes forget how to have fun.

And to help countdown to Christmas, there are the advent calendars. Google ‘fun advent calendars’ and all sorts of fun things will pop up. Like this Lego Calendar.



Or if you want something more adult, check out this little gem from Pinterest.



If running is more your thing, check out the various Santa Runs, like this one my friend in Vegas participated in.


I mean come on, if the thought of hundreds of Santas running past casinos doesn’t put the ‘ho, ho, ho’ back into the celebrating, what else will?


Unless maybe you’re more the philanthropic type. There’s plenty of opportunities for that as well.

Contact your local fire stations, churches, temples and many other businesses who want to put a smile on someone’s face who’s going through a financial struggle now. And give generously, it’s fun!


These are just a few of the many ways to enjoy this giving season. Stay safe, and have fun!