Glad I’m Not a Turkey


If you’re anything like me, you get so caught up in the to do lists and stressing over what needs to get done, that it becomes easy to forget how to be thankful. So let’s take a pause and feed into our minds the things for which we are truly thankful. In case you need a little prompting to think of what to be thankful for, here’s my list for this Thanksgiving:

• I’m thankful that I’m not a turkey, or a pig.


Not only is Thanksgiving the holiday where we Americans consume over 40 million turkeys, but endless strips of bacon will also be eaten at Thanksgiving, AND all year round.

• I’m also thankful I don’t have to cook the Thanksgiving meal this year. I just have to bake my favorite pumpkin pie and bring that.

• I’m also thankful that Gilmore Girls is back Thanksgiving weekend! I need to shake the memories of the disappointing seasons 6 and 7!

• Since I’m not a shopper, I’m very thankful I can shop online and avoid the crazy crowds…at the mall and in the parking lot.

• A BIG THANK YOU to Febreze® for the car vent clips we’ll be using while traveling. Let me tell you, with a dog and a kid in sports, these fragrant little babies make a difference. Whew!

• Now, I’m not here to give my opinion about the outcome of this election, but I am extremely thankful I no longer have to listen to any more political ads for the rest of this year.

• Did I mention I was baking a pumpkin pie? So thankful for that delicious recipe my mom gave me. I bake two and freeze one for breakfast later. Yes, breakfast. No judging!

And let us not forget laughter and fun, which is what this blog is all about. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!