Let the Games Begin!


There are times when it’s good to take a break from staring at a screen and challenge your family or friends to a good old fashion board game. And there are so many to chose from.

Of course there’s the classics:
• Monopoly
• Scrabble
• Jenga
• Sorry!

But don’t be afraid to try something new! Just search trending board games to get some fresh ideas.

One of our favorites is Logo Party. Given how consumer driven we are, it was inevitable that there would be a logo game, and this one is actually pretty fun.

The photo on the right shows the gadget that slowly reveals a company logo. The team that guesses the most logos correctly is the winner!

If you want to celebrate this spooky time of year, Clue murder mystery game is a good one to get into the scary spirit.


Play it by candlelight to enhance the mood.


Or if spy games are more your thing, try Codenames. I haven’t tried it yet, but heard it’s pretty fun.



There’s also the old school Trivial Pursuit 80’s version. Of course we can’t play this with our 14-year-old daughter because she doesn’t know who half these people are, although some are still in the news today.


Whatever game you choose, make sure it’s the right fit for the people who are playing with you. Same premise for the snacks you choose to serve. (There must be snacks!) This way, everyone is sure to have some fun!