People LOVE contests and competitions. And why not? They’re fun to compete in, and even more fun to win!

The very first competitions I entered were in elementary school. For three years, I entered cake decorating contests, and each year I came in third place. “Sigh.” The last one was a doll cake similar to this one I made for my daughter’s birthday party a few years back.


Most recently, I entered a Toastmaster’s International speech competition for my club’s area J, and won! My first medal, and to think it only took 50 years to get it.


Of course, if public speaking isn’t your thing, there are MANY other contests. And I found lots of them just by searching social media.

For those of you into beauty products.




Or if comics are more your thing.



There’s also photography.


And of course there are lots of food competitions from baking to eating.

Or you can just be a spectator.

The point is, have some fun with competition!  Even if you don’t win, it can still be a memorable experience.