Sunny Side Up



September is National Breakfast Month, or All American Breakfast Month. Not to be confused with National Hot Breakfast Month in February. Yes, that’s real.

In fact, let me give you the breakfast breakdown throughout the year.

January: Oatmeal Month

February: National Hot Breakfast Month (Created by Jimmy Dean Foods after they found out that 60% of Americans eat cold cereal for breakfast.)

March: National School Breakfast Week, National Cereal Day and International Waffle Day

April: National Eggs Benedict Day

May: National Egg Month

June: National Doughnut Day (Created to honor the Salvation Army who prepared doughnuts for soldiers during World War I.)

July: National Blueberry Muffin Day

August: National Waffle Day

September: National Breakfast Month and National Biscuits and Gravy Week

October: National Cinnamon Roll Day

November: National French Toast Day

December: National Maple Syrup Day

I tried to find a Leftover Pizza for Breakfast Day, but apparently there is no such thing. I’ll have to write my congressman/woman about that.


There’s also a lot of research that says a healthy breakfast helps cognitive function, gives you more energy, and people who choose to eat breakfast tend to be healthier than their breakfast skipping counterparts. Maybe it’s the discipline of it. Maybe it’s the fact that snacking is reduced because a breakfast eater is less hungry during the day. All I know is, I’m hungry. Time to celebrate breakfast month! I just hope there’s still some pizza left.