Berry Berry Good!


July is National Blueberry Month and I’m ready to celebrate!

My family recently went to the Temecula Berry Company where we got to pick our own fresh blueberries. They were the best! I can eat them like candy, but of course there’s so much more that can be done with them.

My initial introduction to blueberries as a kid came on the Fourth of July when my mom would use the berries to decorate her flag cake, similar to the one shown below by my beloved Ina Garten.


And there’s certainly no shortage of other recipes. In fact, this Driscoll’s website has nearly 100!


So out of all the hundreds of recipes available, there’s got to be something for everyone, no matter how much they may claim to not like them. And the health benefits of their antioxidants are another reason to love them. I don’t know why it took the Department of Agriculture until 2003 to finally give these delicious berries their own month, but I’m so glad they did!