A Toast to Speaking Your Mind


This past April, I joined the world renowned public speaking organization,
Toastmasters International  Toastmasters_2011

This came after a decision to put my actions where my inspiration is, because I’ve always secretly wished to be as inspirational as some of the best public speakers I’ve witnessed.

There’s really a variety of reasons why people get into public speaking. Sometimes it’s to send an inspirational message from their own life.

Like what Malala Yousafzai and Nick Vujicic do.

Or it’s motivational speaking from someone like Tony Robbins tony-robbins

Maybe it’s to pitch a product,  Tim_cook

or pitch a way to help people living in third world countries. bill-gates-melinda-gates

There’s also podcasts and other media outlets promoting great speakers. TED-20_most_popular

And it all begins with taking that first step. Which I did this past week. The first Toastmasters speech is what they call an ‘Ice Breaker.’ This speech is autobiographical in nature as a way of introducing yourself to the club. I did it, and got some great feedback. Looking forward to my next opportunity to speak my mind! And of course have fun doing it! I highly recommend you give it a try. Cheers!