Healty Choices: From Apples to Zucchini!


March is National Nutrition Month. I guess March was the month of choice to counter the unofficial National Eat Until You Pass Out Month of December,  which begins at the end of November. March may also be the time when those January New Year’s resolutions to eat healthy and exercise are becoming a distant memory.

I did a little internet surfing to find suggestions for how to participate in National Nutrition Month, and it was quite a good laugh. One site suggested substituting chips for fresh vegetables!

Oh yeah…that’ll work! (Said no one ever.)

Now, for me, eating fresh fruit like apples and bananas would not be a problem. And having this gadget certainly helps.


Makes eating those carrots and other veggies a LOT easier! The drinks are especially tasty if I use almond milk instead of water. Also adding spices like allspice help add some great flavor.

Some of these sites also mention this My Plate diagram which is a guideline of what to eat and how much.



Here’s MY plate, I guess it may take a little tweaking to meet the official guidelines.


Yes, chocolate grows on trees, so it goes in the fruit category. :p

Bottom line is, good nutrition leads to good health, and I need to adjust my plate, blend my juices, and stop making excuses. Can’t have fun, if my health sucks.

So please, take care of yourselves, and keep it simple. Good nutrition really isn’t that complicated if you make it a priority. (And an occasional potato chip doesn’t hurt either!)