Attack of the Minivans


It’s back to school week, which also means back to sports practice, back to dance rehearsal, and numerous other errands associated with raising a child. I like to refer to this season as



The summer long quiet streets of my neighborhood have now turned into a whole lot of traffic hysteria. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s ALWAYS give minivans the right of way! Whether driving, biking or walking the dog, stay alert! Believe me, I’ve seen what goes on in these things.

The driver has coffee in one hand, while turning down the radio with the other, in order to shout to the hyped up kid in the back, “Stop hitting your sister!” Trust me, just let ’em go.

My daughter wanted us to get a minivan, but I refused. And since we only have one child, our four door sedans work just fine. Although for my next car purchase, I may get one with a V6 engine. Just in case I need quick acceleration out of the mania.