The K9 411 on Puppy Deception


Oh yes, they are cute. So cute!


Just look at this face. That’s how they get you! And that’s how Bailey got us. She’s just a bitty little nine weeks old in this photo. Isn’t she precious?

Now look at this face.


Yep, that’s the one you don’t see until you bring this cute little bundle home. That’s when you suddenly realize the soft and fluffy ball of cuteness is actually a giant mouth full of sharp teeth and everything in her view tastes like chicken.


You get the idea.

But we love her just the same. This puppy knows how to have fun, and my daughter now has a new playmate.

So, to those of you who also have a fluffy little mouthful of puppy teeth at home, all I can say is be patient, get some proper training, stock up on neosporin, and learn what makes your dog happy. They really aren’t much different from people. Both people and dogs are much more content when they are in a loving home… with lots of treats! 😀