Neighborly help


It’s been a long time since my last post as fun has been hard to come by. I’ve been going through some serious burn out. Thank goodness for neighbors that know how to have fun.

They introduced us to disc golf which (a) I didn’t know was a thing and (b) didn’t know there was a course about a mile from where we live. Geez, you think you know a place after living there 18 years!

We showed up to what we thought was ‘Frisbee’ golf with our old school Wham-O in hand, only to find out there’s specially designed ‘discs’ for this ‘sport’. And they come in 3’s: a driver, mid-range and putter! Who knew? Certainly not me!


And when we got to the course, we found people who take this gig waaayyyy to seriously. Come on people, it’s throwing a Frisbee into a basket. Lighten up and have some fun!

I was just thankful that our neighbors knew how to have some fun and get me out of my funk. In fact, it left me inspired to pay tribute to some of the great neighbors of our time.



There’s the family neighbor that’s usually welcome by some more than others,



and the busy body neighbor who’s sometimes cute (ooo, did I say that?)



Then, there’s the sage neighbor,



and the, uh, ummm… I don’t know. I didn’t really watch this show.



But the best neighbor is a friend who has your back, and knows how to make life that much more enjoyable.

Thank you neighbors. Hope I can return the favor. It would be the neighborly thing to do.