Slumberless Party


As a child, my friends and I viewed slumber parties as an excuse to stay up all night, eating lots of junk food while watching TV and playing games. At least, that was the elementary school version.

Fast forward to me as an adult with a child who’s turning 12 and asking for a slumber party. All I could envision with this party was an exhausting night of girls screaming, food flying and the occasional kid falling down the stairs. Man, am I old!!

Alright, time to snap out of it!

My girl wants a slumber party with a tropical theme, so time to start shopping. Let’s see we need:

flowers for decoration,


tropical treats,


the right attire


and maybe even throw in a little mustache fun.


Done. We then went to great lengths to plan party games, but those were completely unnecessary. As it turns out, even in this electronic, selfie, social media world, kids still know how to play amongst themselves in a spontaneous chorus of laughter and joy. And I can’t think of a better way to have some fun. I definitely have to plan a grown up slumber party for me and my girlfriends! Just not sure how to get them to put down their cellphones. :/